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Vertical Farming and Urban Farming

©2013 IMDP-Skygardening

Everyone of us consumes 1,2 l of hydrocarbon energy for our daily meal. Transportation and cooking are not included. Actually we use 80% of the available arable land worldwide. Estimations for 2050 make the scarcity of the world’s biocapacity evident. We have to seriously investigate which typologies of Urban Farming can increase the overall energy efficiency of urban agglomerations. On this topic we investigate now for ten years on an academic-scientific level and are close to build up our first mockup in Vienna.

Single housing

©2006 IMDP-C47

A single-family-home is an inherently energy inefficient building. We’re enimies of “passive houses”, because their energy calculation models are incomplete and therefor misleading. Embodied energy and the dependency from private mobility have to be taken in consideration. Only a holistic approach can lead to an energy-overproducing home. This contains serious investigation, computer simulation of sunstands and winduse for form- and A/V-optimization, but also a precise analysis of the required building performance in terms of flexibility of use, generation-spanning planning and the insertion of re- or upcycleable materials.